Simple Thoughts About Life & Living

Sometimes a single perception can open a pathway in your consciousness to help set in motion a wanted change in your life.  Other times a perception might help to reinforce a knowing that you already possess. There are other times a perception might move you to help someone in need. And there are times when a perception might simply make you smile. 

It is my hope that these thoughts might help to uplift some people. I hope that these uplifted people will help others to feel uplifted, and they, in turn, will help others. It can be done with some simple thoughts; that's all it really takes.



Kindness is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, gifts you can either give or receive. I hope kindness will be a part of your day!

People can inspire faith in you; stay close to those who do so. But the faith that will allow you to move mountains is the faith that you have in yourself...think about that.

Sometimes life will impose disappointments upon us, it’s just the way it is. It then becomes our choice about how long we will dwell upon our disappointment, or how quickly we will accept what has happened and move on to creating new moments along our journey of life.

A mind and heart that lives without grudges, judgement, envy, prejudice, anger, and hatred, is a mind and heart that lives in a whole different way than does a mind and heart that is filled with those things…I wish you a peaceful mind and heart.

We most often think thoughts that we are used to and life remains quite the same. It’s when we begin to choose to think thoughts that we want to, thoughts that will uplift and inspire us, and begin to think them over and over again, that life begins to change...think about that.

When I find my mind being locked into angry, troubling, or negative thoughts, I remind myself that I am capable of redirecting my mind to think in a positive direction. It often takes a while to get there, but once I do I wind up feeling a whole lot better. We are free to choose the direction of our thoughts in all moments….think about that.

                       WHAT  PEOPLE  ARE SAYING ABOUT 


I am visually impaired, and have been receiving Glenn’s words of wisdom for the past 3 years.  His words of encouragement sometimes feel like he is writing directly to me.  His messages have come at a time when they are most needed.  I often pass his messages on to my students,  who greatly appreciate them. I can only wish that more people would follow his example.  Thank you Glenn, and keep up the great work.  Namaste.

Devin Fernandez

Third Eye Insight

West Islip, NY

Glenn Poveromo’s Simple Thoughts About Life & Living is absolutely brilliant, capturing life’s truths in all their divine beauty and  exquisite  simplicity. They have inspired and nurtured me for years. They have held me in times of need and elevated me to new heights even in the best of times. They should be as much a part of everyone’s daily routine as eating, sleeping and loving. 

Bill Scott 

Cuenca, Ecuador

I have applied the principals Glenn teaches to both my personal and professional life and have used these same principals to teach and guide my employees as well as my children. The outcome has been nothing short of remarkable. “Simple Thoughts about Life and Living” is a great way to reinforce these principals of success and make them a part of your everyday life!

~John Consoli, Executive Vice President, Asset Vue LLC

Simple Thoughts About Life & Living has helped me, because I sometimes have a tendency to look at the worst side of a scenario and whenever I read Glenn Poveromo’s Simple Thoughts About Life, it always makes me realize that there is a better way to look at things...Kind of like, "The glass is half full instead of half empty.”

Joel E Eisen

Hillsboro Beach, FL

There is no doubt that the wonderful original thoughts and expressions of Glenn Poveromo regarding his Simple Thoughts about Life & Living are wonderful gems along the road of life.  They enrich with great truths in helping so many with the balance of processing the very complex world we live in today.  I personally have been inspired by Glenn’s quotes, and additionally, my son, Jeff Jacobs, was a high school student of Glenn’s.  The help, compassion, empathy and guidance Glenn has given to so many people over the years is truly a treasure he inspirationally bestows upon all who know him.  A larger platform for his thoughts of love and wisdom would not only bless Glenn, but more importantly, truly be a gift to all who hear his words.

Mike Jacobs

Wantagh, NY

Glenn's Power of Visualization messages are part psychological, part biblical, and part homespun. They are always entertaining and are part of my day.  They are my daily pep talk.  Thank you, Glenn.

Joe Coords

San Diego, CA

Coach P has been giving me inspirational and motivational thoughts since I was in 7th grade as a member of his middle school football team. I still have the original copy of a speech he gave us in '95/'96 entitled "The Boys of '44." Now, nearly 20 years later I still find myself relying on much of his advice as it comes each week. Whether it's trying to think of ways to apply a positive state of mind to the interactions and activities of the day or acknowledging a bad situation and moving on to a solution rather than dwelling on a "sunk cause” almost all of his thoughts can be interpreted to fit into your specific situation.

I'm lucky to have a personal connection with Coach P and wish him the very best.

Thank You,

Dan Fanelli

Georgetown's McDonough School of Business

Hi Glenn,

 I just wanted you to know that your Simple Thoughts start my day at work right. Whenever I am going through something, your words are always right on time, exactly what I need to read to shift my mood, or reassure that I am not alone in what I am feeling. It is the pick-me-up I need in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Sometimes I even share with someone that may need to read something positive. I am so blessed when I read the Simple Thoughts at work and at home. Both emails-work and home have these Simples Thoughts to Always go back and read over and over again. The Mind needs to be fed Positive Words to make it feel Whole. Words are so Powerful and Priceless. Please continue to brighten up my day with these Simple Thoughts, so I can continue to see the glass half full instead of half empty. I have the Power to make that Choice-Positive or Negative Thoughts. Your Simple Thoughts make me Believe more in Me and who God Created me to BE…

And at the same time I am tapping into my Gifts.

 What an Amazing Gift you have.

Thank you,

Miriam Germain

Administrative Assistant II

On-site Service Solutions


I can't count the times I have been uplifted by Glenn's "Simple Thoughts About Life & Living". Very recently I was feeling stuck and I read the benefit of focusing on positive thinking. "Simple stuff" ... but I got unstuck and productive again.   

Carol Denicker

Board Certified Hypnotist

Certified HypnoBirthing® Educator

EFT Practitioner/Instructor

NGH Instructor, Adjunct Faculty Member

President, LI-NGH 

Director, New York Hypnosis Training Center

Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher 

We can all use a dose of positive thinking. Glenn Poveromo's Simple Thoughts About Life and Living is a breath of fresh air; simple words of wisdom and positive thoughts which I look forward to receiving in my inbox each week.  

Kerriann Flanagan Brosky, Author