Some people “talk the talk”, but Glenn is the genuine article. He forever manages to look beyond the tarnish on that old copper penny to envision its potential to sparkle. Glenn inspires me everyday. If only the world were filed with more Glenn Poveromo’s, what a wonderful word it would be!

Warm regards,

Lois Stern

Glenn is an amazing and sagacious being who has been instrumental in my emotional and social growth.  Through his fun seminars, workshops & one on ones, I have become a better person, wife, mother and friend. I continuously use the tools and knowledge he gifted to mein order to live a loving and healthy life. I wish that everyone could experience all of the wisdom and positivity that Glenn has to offer. I want to say thank you for believing in me at times when I didn't believe in myself! You truly helped me. 

Dee W  Program participant

This was an incredible opportunity to enhance my ability in the classroom and in my own life to be more positive and to increase my “tools” to apply. Glenn is excellent, extremely motivating, and enthusiastic.  

 Meghan S

Not only has this helped me reshape my thinking during difficult teaching situations, but his class has also helped me reshape thinking of students who have no interest or struggle in class....

Robert H

Glenn presented a wonderful and very useful course both professionally and personally. Thank you!

Terri M

My name is Daniel Mcgroarty. In the 70's, Mr.P and myself would spend time talking about what was going on in my life, letting me express my fears and what was going on with my family; teaching me how to hold my head up high; listening and understanding how I truly felt, and steered me in the right direction. He is a person who truly cared, and still to this day, I use the tools that he taught me. Thank you Mr. P; thank you for being a friend.

One of the best training courses offered. I looked forward to attending each week. I can’t wait to sign up for Glenn”s next class!.

Paul B

I had the pleasure of having Glenn Poveromo (Mr.P) as a teacher at Wantagh Junior High School. Although, this was more than 20 years ago, the lessons I learned from him have been lasting. He is the best teacher I have ever had, and I would recommend taking advantage of any opportunity to learn what you can from him. 

Sean Fitzthum

This class was wonderful and positive experience and I look forward to bringing these skills/ideas into my classroom. Thank you!

Sue H

This was a great course. Every educator should experience it. It really makes an impact on your personal life and can be carried forward to our students.

Michelle P

I took your class in adult ed. and enjoyed it, but the icing on the cake is the daily positive ways to lead your life that Glenn most generously gives. I forward the comments to my kids every day (ages 23 and 21) and they have told me that it definitely helps them through the day.

William G. Ripp, Esq.

Glenn's teachings has served as a constant reminder of how important our time on earth is.  His reminders have helped me improve my quality of life by improving 1) my perception of what life is and 2) the important relationships that make up my life.  I am grateful!

Dan Benjamin


You have helped me tremendously at your seminars with your wonderful insight and in person. Your email " messages" have also helped greatly. When I get tense or annoyed in certain situations your words have a very calming effect and put things in perspective. Nothing but the best to ya !!!


I have had the opportunity to review Glenn Poveromo's book and all of his daily messages.  I know him to be insightful, deeply spiritual and extraordinarily helpful to all who need his help.  I highly recommend anything he does. 

Sincerely, Ted Robinson 

I will certainly use the skills I learned in this class with my students. Glenn is both insightful and inspirational.

Marsha T

We can all have a mind at ease. Listening to Glenn Poveromo has helped me stay connected to my inner peace. I believe that his outlook, his experience, and his practical, easy-to-apply approach can help anyone attain a consistently more productive and happier daily existence. 


Hi Glenn,

I often think about the time you gave us this advise:  When life gets hectic and you are struggling to do all that you need to do on a daily basis, you can choose to be agitated or angry, OR you can say these simple words:  I GET TO DO IT,  rather than I have to do it!!

Thank you,

Missy Zamroz

I was a student of Glenn's in 1974. Some 41 years

later, I vividly remember his style, advice and the many life lessons he imparted to young minds. I've had a lot of teachers since then and I can honestly say the only one who had a profound impact on my life was Glenn


-Al Romas

Glenn Poveromo has been a mentor of mine for so long, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am without him. His fresh and positive perspective completely changed the way I view things.

Dan D  Guitarist/ Face The King

I thank Glenn Poveromo for inspiring me since the 6th grade. My teacher, who taught me as a kid, and inspired me to achieve my goals in life. Thank you for being a true mentor . 

John Olivio